K-beauty skincare routine for beginners

  1. Cleansing: the very first step for preparing clear skin

Your luxurious cosmetic is unable to work, if makeup or pollution particles remained on your skin. The first priority is to remove pollutants such as makeup residue, excess sebum and dust on your skin by thorough cleansing. Because cleansing face with dirty hands can cause acne on skin, make sure that your hands have been thoroughly washed with soap.


If you are wearing a full face of makeup, double-cleansing is needed. At the first cleanse, remove the makeup by selecting cleanser that suits your skin in various formula such as oil, micellar water, balm etc., then use a foaming cleanser as a second round of cleansing.

Take a pea-sized amount of foaming cleanser on your palms, lather it enough and gently rub it over the face. Avoid harsh scrubbing that irritates skin, and gently massage with fingers around nose with excess sebum, eye area with thin and delicate skin. Then, thoroughly rinse the lather off with lukewarm water, not too hot or cold.

  1. Toner: For re-texturizing the surface of skin

After refreshing your skin, the next step is a toner to refine rough skin texture.
The purpose of toning is to reduce any impurities left on skin and to briefly hydrate for supple skin. Dampen cotton pads with toner and gently wipe along the skin texture from inside to outward.

When your skin feels slight fever or irritated, generously soak the cotton pads with toner and place them on both cheeks as a soothing sheet mask.

  1. Emulsion: For rapid hydration and forming moisture protective layer to skin

Now your skin is toned to absorb active ingredients of products, the next step is hydration in earnest. This blog focuses on the basic skin care routine, so has not mentioned about essence, serum but you can still apply those before the emulsion. Remember the proper order of layering skin care products is thin-to-thick in consistency, meaning that more oily products need to sit on top of the skin.

Emulsion is a water-based moisturizer that increases hydration level with lighter weight than cream, those with oily skin should opt for only one either emulsion or cream.

  1. Cream: For advanced moisturizing and suppleness

Cream is used as a moisturizer for dry skin, during changing season or winter, any occasion that your skin wants more functionality product with additional nourishment. It has generally thicker and heavier formula than emulsion and often has extra function such as hydration or anti-wrinkle.

If some areas of your face are dry and oily in other areas, you will need to adjust the amount of cream based on skin type, for example, use a small amount of cream for oily areas.

  1. Sunscreen: The final step for ultimate anti-aging of skin

To protect skin against UV rays which are skin’s eternal enemy that causes skin aging as well as a major risk factor for skin cancer, you should wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Many of base makeup products like foundation has UV protection feature, however, the sunscreen should be applied prior to makeup application for keeping your skin safe. It should be applied generously covering all over the face and you should keep patting it until fully absorbed into your skin to prevent from getting makeup cakey.

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